We just closed on our house after a year of building. Since day one, Betsy has been there. We appreciate her support, knowledge, availability and savvy. Her knowledge and understanding of the business is outstanding. We trust her to speak on our behalf with the seller and builder and value her opinion and information in our decision making. She demonstrates her commitment to us as clients and our satisfaction by her availability and follows through. She was at every meeting, sometimes without us and followed up on her commitments every time. She keeps impeccable documentation which was valuable in our situation. Betsy is direct and consistent with her communication. We never have to guess, read between the lines or “figure out” what she means. She is committed to honesty and transparency which increased our trust with her. Lastly, the rapport Betsy established with us, the seller and builder added to our wonderful experience. She treats us like we are her only client, she can be frank and direct while being respectful and professional and she demonstrated her sincere interest and desire for us to be happy and comfortable throughout the process. Given our lifestyle and very full calendars, Betsy was the perfect realtor for us. I recommend her on Facebook and to friends every chance I get. I love her hustle, knowledge and savvy. We will partner with Betsy again on our other endeavors!

Felicia & James Montgomery | June 2017