I experienced nothing short of just that with Betsy. To preface, the reason I’d reached out to her out of the blue on was due to my previous interactions with her through email. She showed me a property that I ended up passing on, but her calm, collected, and affable demeanor stuck from the outset. She was more than willing to show us around the property and ask the right type of objective questions that I would have asked myself, so I quickly filed the experience away for memory. I’d renewed the hunt for a property and called Betsy asking if she might be available for a showing, and she graciously moved her schedule around to accommodate. We picked up right where we had left off, and by the end of the day, we had an offer submitted after viewing another property in the development and running over the comp data together in detail. Since the offer was accepted, she’s been fantastic: punctual, thoughtful, and most importantly empathetic. I can tell she really connects with her clients beyond the professional obligation and thus does it so much more justice. Therefore, I’ll fondly recall her guidance throughout this process, and would quickly refer her to anyone in need of a well-rounded, kind, professional agent for the job.

Ian Tennant |October 2017