For background, we had both the sale of our prior house and purchase of our current residence with Betsy after we had parted ways with our initial Realtor. Betsy worked with us at the end of May and provided value-add feedback on how to stage the house and drove a ton of traffic to the house through community open houses, had our house as “home of the month” in Belterra, and her Realtor network. We had a lot of “likes” or “on the short list,” but Betsy always remained positive and answered any questions we had. Having had excellent luck with our house sale, it was a great learning experience for my wife and I, and there is not a better teacher to have than Betsy. We found the right buyers in August and got our house under contract. Now we enter the period when Betsy was a rockstar! We found a house we knew was the one in River Place. We made multiple offers as there was another party interested in the house as well. Per Betsy’s guidance, we wrote a letter to the owner to influence their decision making our way versus the other interested party. Ultimately, they took a larger offer BUT that deal fell through, and I am positive due to the letter we wrote they seller’s agent came back to us to see if we were still interested. In three weeks time, Betsy quarterbacked an extensive list of repairs to the house with the seller’s agent which enabled us to close on the new home a day after we closed on the sale of our home. Timing is everything in real estate as I’m sure you all know but having a competent and driven realtor that is committed to your dreams as much as yours are, is just as important! I failed to mention all the house visits Betsy put up within Lakeway and River Place, and the flip-flopping my wife and I did on deciding where to live. This is the first house we bought that we had not built, so Betsy was a great agent in letting us know how to handle items that come up in a 25-year-old house.

Mark and Katie Geras | October 2018

Betsy has made herself my most trusted ally in residential real estate. I absolutely love
Betsy and know I will get 100% commitment when she represents me. I highly
recommend Betsy.

Sidney Roberts | October 2018

Betsy is amazing. This home buying process has taken two years, and she has been by my
side the whole time. I would never think about using another Realtor other than Betsy,
and I highly recommend her.

Daniel Womack | August 2018

Our experience with Betsy was superb. Betsy walked with us through the building process of our home for eight months. She showed up for construction meetings, kept us in the loop of the different stages in building, she would drive by the community to send us pictures of our home progress, and advocate for us as needed with the builders. Betsy was very involved helping us get exactly what we wanted in our home. Betsy’s knowledge, kindness, and guidance is valuable. Betsy’s availability through this process was remarkable. A few months into our building process we decided to sell our home. Betsy didn’t hesitate to lead us into the seller’s journey. Betsy knew the community’s home values, walked us through the ‘how to prepare’ our home to sell and was available as needed basis by phone and email. Betsy’s availability made such a difference to our peace of mind. Our involvement with Betsy from a buyer and sellers point of view was a great experience. We will highly recommend Betsy to our family and friends.

Karina Barraza-Branham | June 2018

Betsy Smith with Realty Austin is my “Realtor for Life.” Betsy has represented me in real estate transactions as a buyer and seller in the Austin metro market. Both were challenging deals that would not have come together if not for the experience and skill that Betsy brought to bear. Moreover, I have recommended Betsy to personal friends who have also used her services to find and secure a beautiful home. I recommend Betsy Smith with absolute confidence. Give her a call today!

Cam Jimmerson | January 2018

My experience with Betsy Smith was truly exceptional. Betsy’s responsiveness, dedication, attention to detail, and overall demeanor was precisely what I needed as a home-buyer in the hectic Austin market. I plan on recommending Betsy to friends and family in the future.

Chris Cyndecki | January 2018

We had a great experience with Betsy and would definitely encourage friends and family to reach out to her for real estate needs. Betsy made the process smooth and easy to understand, which was essential to us as first time home buyers. We felt confident at every step of the process, and we are thrilled about the house that we got.

Nick Garza | January 2018

I experienced nothing short of just that with Betsy. To preface, the reason I’d reached out to her out of the blue on was due to my previous interactions with her through email. She showed me a property that I ended up passing on, but her calm, collected, and affable demeanor stuck from the outset. She was more than willing to show us around the property and ask the right type of objective questions that I would have asked myself, so I quickly filed the experience away for memory. I’d renewed the hunt for a property and called Betsy asking if she might be available for a showing, and she graciously moved her schedule around to accommodate. We picked up right where we had left off, and by the end of the day, we had an offer submitted after viewing another property in the development and running over the comp data together in detail. Since the offer was accepted, she’s been fantastic: punctual, thoughtful, and most importantly empathetic. I can tell she really connects with her clients beyond the professional obligation and thus does it so much more justice. Therefore, I’ll fondly recall her guidance throughout this process, and would quickly refer her to anyone in need of a well-rounded, kind, professional agent for the job.

Ian Tennant |October 2017

Betsy Smith has done a wonderful job selling my home and was very professional in ALL dealings. I would refer Betsy to anyone looking for a Realtor. She is the BEST, plus she has a GREAT PERSONALITY!

Mary Hisbrook | October 2017

We just closed on our house after a year of building. Since day one, Betsy has been there. We appreciate her support, knowledge, availability and savvy. Her knowledge and understanding of the business is outstanding. We trust her to speak on our behalf with the seller and builder and value her opinion and information in our decision making. She demonstrates her commitment to us as clients and our satisfaction by her availability and follows through. She was at every meeting, sometimes without us and followed up on her commitments every time. She keeps impeccable documentation which was valuable in our situation. Betsy is direct and consistent with her communication. We never have to guess, read between the lines or “figure out” what she means. She is committed to honesty and transparency which increased our trust with her. Lastly, the rapport Betsy established with us, the seller and builder added to our wonderful experience. She treats us like we are her only client, she can be frank and direct while being respectful and professional and she demonstrated her sincere interest and desire for us to be happy and comfortable throughout the process. Given our lifestyle and very full calendars, Betsy was the perfect realtor for us. I recommend her on Facebook and to friends every chance I get. I love her hustle, knowledge and savvy. We will partner with Betsy again on our other endeavors!

Felicia & James Montgomery | June 2017