My experience with Betsy was the best. First, I was scared to death to be buying a house all by myself and also at the same time trying to sell my property in McCulloch County. Though my husband was a non-practicing attorney, he did all the paperwork on the two houses we bought in our 46 year marriage. Betsy had unlimited patience with my constant barrage of questions that had to do with the real estate transaction of buying a house while selling another. She zoned in right away on what I wanted, needed, and could afford. Plus she had to listen to the input of my children (I wanted them to have input also). She was always gracious and courteous not only to me but the other people we were dealing with. She explained every action, financial step, and the overall process in detail. She did not get upset when the closing had to be postponed due to dealing with a VA loan from my buyer that delayed the sale of my property. She acted as if it was no inconvience to her. I appreciated her calmness as I was not calm. Betsy presented me with two beautiful house warming gifts after the closing. Both personalized for my new home. A cookie jar with the name my grandchildren call me–an unusual nickname. She had to do some research to find that information. What an heartwarming gift. I hope she will come by and visit me when I get things in place in my lovely new “forever” home. I hope Realty Austin appreciates the quality employee that they have in Betsy.

Donna Hector | November 2015